SteinmanDr. David Steinman
Phone: 416-978-7781
Office location: MC333

Current lab members

David Bruneau – PhD Student

Research Area: FSI modelling of aneurysm wall vibration




Dan MacDonald – PhD Student

Research Area: Machine learning aneurysm CFD




Dr. Mehdi Najafi – Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Area: Aneurysm CFD




Dr. Thangam Natarajan – Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Area: Data visualization




Dr. Dolores Steinman – Senior Research Associate

Research Area: Art/Science collaborations




Lucas Temor – Master’s Student

Research Area: Psychophysics of flow visualization and sonification





Omar Omari, MASc (2017) – Currently Ultrasound Engineer, FloSonics Medical

M Owais Khan, MASc (2013), PhD (2017) – Currently Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University

Christophe Chnafa, Postdoc (2017) РCurrently R&D Engineer, Sim&Cure

Nayab Saeed, BASc (2016) – Currently Technical Analyst, SWI

Max Julian, MASc (2015) – Currently Tools Programmer, Ubisoft

Justin Wong, MASc (2015) – Currently at BSL

Diego Gallo, Postdoc (2015) – Currently Assistant Professor, Politecnico di Torino

Alison Chow, Summer student (2015)

Kristian Valen-Sendstad, Postdoc (2014) – Currently Senior Research Scientist, Simula Research Lab

Alejandro Martinez, MASc (2014) – Currently Researcher, MSM Labs

Jonathan Mynard, Postdoc (2013) – Currently Senior Research Officer, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

Payam Bijari, PhD (2013) – Currently Chief Legal Officer, BHB Development

Luis Aguilar, PhD (2012) – Currently at BSL

Yiemeng Hoi, Postdoc (2011) – Currently Manager Clinical Collaboration, Canon Medical Systems USA

Amir Manbachi, MASc (2010) – Currently Assistant Research Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Matthew Ford, Postdoc (2008) – Currently VP Quantitative Analytics, RBC Capital Markets

Sang-Wook Lee, Postdoc (2008) – Currently Associate Professor, Ulsan University

Joyce Xie, Summer student (2007, 2008), BASc (2007) – Currently Resident, Harlem Hospital Center – Columbia University

Terence Chung, BASc (2007)

Siddartha Krishnan, Summer student (2006) РCurrently Venture Capital Investor, BDC Venture Capital